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Assisted Living vs. Nursing Home: What’s the Difference?

Senior Care 2 - Roosevelt House

We hear these terms used interchangeably: Nursing Home and Assisted Living Home as if they are the same thing. Sometimes, this can cause a bit of fear and hesitation, assuming one is the other. However, there is a big difference between Assisted Living Homes and Skilled Nursing Facilities and knowing the difference can give you a new outlook on the future.

In short, the most significant difference between the two: Nursing Homes are much more clinical than Assisted Living Communities. Assisted Living is meant to be precisely that- a home where assistance is provided to enhance a person's everyday life. The things that were once easy to do alone are now risky, such as going up and downstairs, cooking meals or bathing. The home is meant to provide help with all those things (if a resident needs it) so that the person can feel stronger and safer about themselves and their day to day lives. 


What makes The Roosevelt House different is that we offer most of the services that skilled nursing homes provide in one way or another, in a less restrictive setting. We have an in house physician, who comes in to assess the needs of our residents. For ultimate convenience, we bring in outside sources such as home care & hospice and physical therapy right to our resident's door. Three meals a day, and snacks are offered, as well as social activities. We offer private rooms and several public living rooms so that you can have that 80th birthday party your family has been planning, while still feeling safe and protected and home!


Are you in the process of deciding the next step for yourself or your loved one?  We're always here to help guide you through the decision making process. To speak with one of our Assisted Living Specialists, give us a call at (989)642-4663.

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