Doctors - Roosevelt House

Expert Medical Care from Skilled Professionals

At The Roosevelt House, we employ a certified direct care staff to provide 24/7 monitoring and medical aid to all of our residents. We have an on-call registered nurse who is available for emergencies or questions whenever there is a need.

We don’t just handle medical problems as they arise. Our skilled healthcare professionals proactively work to prevent complications and keep everyone happy and healthy. We’ll help schedule transportation to necessary doctor appointments and procedures for a small additional fee.

Our medical professionals help with everything from exercise activities and educational opportunities to passing out daily medications and monitoring signs of health risks. Our goal is to improve our residents’ quality of life, and our healthcare services help ensure that everyone stays comfortable and safe.

Focusing on You and Your Needs

Every resident has specific needs and health requirements.

Our assisted healthcare services focus on individual needs - rather than across-the-board treatments.

We strive to promote personalized treatment plans, medication schedules, monitoring, and more on an as-needed basis. Whether a resident is facing mental health struggles or physical ailments, we’ll help minimize risks and stay healthy while living comfortably within our community. Our residents’ comfort and safety are our top priorities.

Do you have any specific health concerns?

Let us know so our healthcare professionals can assist!

Our Assisted Healthcare Services Include:

  • Coordination of pharmaceutical deliveries
  • Access to medical professionals
  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Labs and X-rays
  • Home healthcare
  • Hospice care
  • Durable medical supply

We are always willing to personalize healthcare plans to meet the needs of our residents. We care for our seniors like our own family, and that means taking care of all their health needs and priorities.

Turn to our assisted healthcare services within The Roosevelt House community!