Active Seniors - Roosevelt House

Social Opportunities for Assisted Living Residents

Many studies have highlighted the importance of continuous social engagement for senior citizens - and we strongly believe in the power of building new friendships at The Roosevelt House.

Every day, our residents are provided with social gathering opportunities and a plethora of entertainment options. Residents always have the option to participate in friendly games, arts & crafts, interest groups, gardening, outings, and more.

Wherever our residents’ interests lie, we’ll support and grow their hobbies. Our goal is to help residents build solid relationships with peers to encourage friendship and support.

The Roosevelt House proudly hosts weekly Sunday brunches to facilitate budding friendships and keep all residents socially engaged.

Unique Activities for Seniors: Seasonal Events and Celebrations

The Roosevelt House celebrates many different seasonal events and holidays. We make it a point to host family activities that give our residents the chance to spend time with loved ones in their own communities.

From Thanksgiving to Fourth of July festivities, our goal is to keep all of our residents engaged with the seasons and the many blessings they bring.

Birthdays are a big thing at The Roosevelt House, too - because when you’re here, you’re a part of our family.

Support and Growth through Friendly Activities for Senior Living

Emotional support and spiritual growth are extremely important to everyone at The Roosevelt House. That’s why many of our activities for senior citizens include opportunities for prayer, devotion, and worship. We also encourage support groups and interest clubs so everyone in our community has a place where they can find comfort.

Find engagement and fun with our senior-based activities for everyone.