Senior Nutrition - Roosevelt House

Superior Dining in Our Senior Living Community

The Roosevelt House’s assisted living menus are comprised of three delicious home-cooked meals every day. Each meal features nutritious ingredients to suit every resident’s needs. Our chefs mix things up to include fresh, seasonal ingredients, so residents never bore of the meal plans!

We also provide nutritious snacks and beverages - available all day long. From cups of coffee to fresh pastries and sandwiches, residents always have options whenever they’re hungry.

If a resident has special dietary needs, we are more than happy to provide specialized menu planning. Just let us know!

Assisted Living Meals and Dining Should Be an Experience

Mealtime should be a chance to enjoy food and chat with friends – not just another daily task.

At The Roosevelt House, meal planning + preparation is seen as a delectable art. Cooking and sharing food is a great way to facilitate a family atmosphere, and we want members to feel totally at home when they’re here.

Our senior weekly menu features exciting options that keep our residents both happy and engaged.

We always strive to make mealtimes an experience, rather than a boring part of everyday life.

Individualized Meal Options for Various Residents

When it comes to retirement home menu planning, we always want our residents to have a choice. We understand that everyone has different tastes, and we want to accommodate all of our residents.

Whether our residents are dealing with allergies or have certain preferences with their meals, our chefs are willing to adapt the menu to fit people’s requests. We help seniors dealing with diminished appetites to ensure that everyone gets the nutrients they need.

The Roosevelt House is all about accommodation – especially during mealtimes!

Access nutritious, fresh meals in the comfort of our senior living community.