Senior Vehicle - Roosevelt House

Boosting Independence with Additional Transportation Services

We know how important it is for senior citizens to retain a certain level of independence - even if they can no longer drive. Caregivers at The Roosevelt House are more than happy to schedule third-party transportation services for an additional fee.

We’ll pair able residents with transportation options that allow them to make visits, go shopping, get to doctor’s appointments, or attend events outside of the community. We want our residents to retain as much of their freedom as possible, and our transportation services help make that possible.

Affordable, Reliable Transportation for Seniors

Safety is our number one priority at The Roosevelt House. If a resident needs to get somewhere, we’ll make sure they can do so without having to stress or worry.

We assure that our transportation partners are safe, trustworthy, and affordable. Our residents will always have a reliable way to get to a medical appointment or make any sort of off-campus arrangement when they need to.

We believe having access to affordable transportation keeps our residents more connected with family, friends, and their outside communities. That’s why every resident has access to optional transportation add-ons.

Our number one goal is to take as much weight off of families as possible - we’ll manage our residents’ transportation whenever they need it.

Schedule reliable senior transportation with The Roosevelt House today!