As the global outbreak of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) continues to unfold, please be assured
that the health and safety of our residents and team members remain our number one priority. We, at The Roosevelt House take our responsibility to support seniors and their families seriously, and we are especially committed to continuing to do so during this time. Below are our everyday measures taken to keep our home safe as well as additional protocols that are now in action.

Standard Protocol:

• No-Penalty Staff Policy: Encourage staff to call-in due to illness
• Mandatory Hand Washing for all who enter the building
• Provide & Launder staff uniforms in-house (so they never leave the premises)
• Use vinegar (natural disinfectant) in ALL of our laundry
• Separate Entrances for Staff & Public
• Designated Public Bathroom
• Daily Cleaning & Disinfecting

Additional Measures:

• No visitors
• Home Health Care/Hospice nurses (once weekly) & Emergency Personnel Only
• Minimize Residents contact with Direct Care workers through strategic scheduling
• All deliveries to front door/garage
• Masks available for staff & residents
• Daily vitals for troubleshooting with PCP's to avoid trips to public care facilities
• Increased Daily Cleaning & Disinfecting

Resident & Staff Safety Always Comes First in Our Home